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Step 1
Launch your PLA campaigns
We’ll identify your listings with the highest sales conversion and start promoting these products in the markets of your choice.

Step 2
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Each keyword’s performance will be closely monitored so we can keep optimizing your campaigns to bring you the best results.

Step 3
1 month trial check-in
We’ll contact you with the detailed results of your PLA campaigns and ask if you want to continue promoting your products.

What is Promoted Listings Advanced?


Benefits for using Promoted Listings Advanced

Top search results
Displaying ads in the top search results is now only available with Promoted Listings Advanced.

Pre-release offer
Receive up to 50% off PLA ad fees during your one month trial, so you can try Promoted Listings Advanced safely.

What’s the guarantee?

We’ll contact you after your 1 month trial to present the detailed results of your Advanced campaigns. In the meantime, we'll make sure to adapt your budget according to your performance, ensuring cost optimization and high performance.