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Promoted Listings Advanced with Webinterpret gives you priority access to ad placements across eBay.

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Step 1
Launch your PLA campaigns
We’ll identify your listings with the highest sales conversion and start promoting these products on your domestic markets (and/or your international markets) depending on the daily budget setup you selected.

Step 2
Monitor results
Log in to your Marketing Dashboard to track and analyze your ads' performance across all of your open markets on eBay.

Step 3
Webinterpret continuously advertises your products and optimizes your performance while monitoring your products' keywords to bring you the best results.

What is Promoted Listings Advanced?


Key benefits for Promoted Listings Advanced

Priority access to ad placements across eBay
Displaying ads in the top search results is only available with Promoted Listings Advanced.

Effortless solution
Setting up ad campaigns has never been easier with Webinterpret's automation, including item selection, rate selection, keyword selection and campaign set-up that achieves maximum sales uplift with minimum ad spend.

What’s the guarantee?

Webinterpret manages promoted listings for millions of items internationally and domestically, meaning you will benefit from our expert learnings at scale. Webinterpret will adapt your budget according to your sales performance, ensuring cost optimization and high performance.