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The ever-increasing competition is driving digital ad spend in ecommerce. Amazon is one of the key players: by 2021, nearly one in 10 US digital ad dollars will go to the platform (eMarketer).

Today advertising on Amazon, the third-largest digital advertising platform after Google and Facebook, is a must. 

This guide will help Amazon sellers create and maintain a strong & smart advertising strategy by covering:

  • The fast-changing advertising reality on Amazon and how sellers can adapt to it
  • Foolproof ways of minimizing cost per click and maximizing conversions, including finding less competitive markets
  • The most effective ways of staying ahead of the ever fiercer competition, and much more.

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What’s inside?

Solid background knowledge about Amazon Advertising & practical recommendations to help Amazon sellers beat their biggest competitors.

Amazon Advertising

Learn about the fast-changing advertising reality on Amazon to create an optimal strategy.

Organic search vs. advertisements

Learn how advertising and Amazon search engine optimization can work together to increase your sales.

Minimize cost, maximize ROI

Minimize cost per click and maximize conversions by finding less competitive markets and identifying international sales opportunities.

International advertising opportunities on Amazon

Learn how to leverage ads on different international markets and achieve the best possible ROI.

Expert quote from Patrick Smarzynski, Co-Founder at Webinterpret
Today you definitely need ads on Amazon to have satisfactory visibility and conversions. It’s not a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when and how’.

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