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Caroline is Product & Design Director at Webinterpret and a leading expert on product strategy and marketing, marketplaces, cross-border e-commerce, and international retail. Together with a cross-functional team of dedicated experts, she has developed Webinterpret’s eBay Promoted Listings offering.

Mark is UK Product Marketing Manager for Promoted Listings at eBay. He is responsible for creating, coordinating, and executing the UK multi-channel marketing strategy as part of the EU Advertising Org and oversees the GTM strategy and implementation for Promoted Listings in the UK market.


Webinterpret has teamed up with eBay and hosted this exclusive webinar. During which our speakers: Caroline Öhrn (Product & Design Director at Webinterpret), and Mark Granshaw (UK Product Marketing Manager for Promoted Listings at eBay) showed how to get more eyes on your products with eBay Promoted Listings.

Our webinar recording is packed with insights, clarification, and inspirations on eBay advertising campaign, eBay advertising cost, and much more.

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