Why is this a must-have asset?

Our 2023 Ecommerce Calendar will help you identify relevant international and regional marketplace opportunities so that you can capitalize on them all year long.

The planner encourages you take consistent action throughout the year and treat every month as a potential to grow your online sales.

We know how hard it can be to keep track of all the significant dates, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide with major opportunities, monthly themes and special dates all gathered in a user-friendly planner full of actionable tips.

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What’s inside?

Key dates, a handy planner & monthly tips to help you maximize your sales potential on both domestic and international online markets.

Key ecommerce dates

Get familiar with the dates and opportunities that drive ecommerce sales.

Sales events on international markets

Learn about more regional events that can provide your online store with plenty of sales opportunities, sometimes bigger than Christmas.

Sales tips month by month

Use our sales tips & notes sections to plan your ecommerce activities consistently across 12 months.

User-friendly format & handy planner

Keep track of crucial dates, sales events and check out relevant tips at a glance.

If there’s anything that the past few years have taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected.
Practice inventiveness, resourcefulness, and problem-solving with our 2023 Ecommerce Calendar.
Write down your ideas in the note sections of our planner but let the stats and facts serve as an inspiration for boosting your revenue opportunities on new markets!

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Magdalena Kobus is a marketing specialist with 5+ years of background in sales and a knack for social media. As a content contributor for Webinterpret she investigates current ecommerce challenges.

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