How can this guide help you?

This useful quarterly planner supplements our 2024 Ecommerce Calendar. It aims to bring your attention to current seasonal ecommerce opportunities and challenges.

Q1 is packed with relevant events and hot trends that you can easily utilize if you apply a strategic framework to your business operations.

Webinterpret’s Ecommerce Planner will provide you with an insightful introduction to the first quarter of the year, add context to over 30 special dates, events, and sales opportunities, and inspire your product portfolio with examples of popular seasonal products.

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What’s inside?

Webinterpret’s Q1 Ecommerce Planner includes:

Global sales events

Over 30 of this quarter’s key dates, events, and sales opportunities for marketplace sellers.

Sales tips month by month

Over 50 extra actionable sales tips to consistently grow sales domestically and internationally.

User-friendly planner

Monthly calendar pages and reminders to keep you organized.

Bonus free resources

Learn more about Q1 from a curated selection of FREE resources and guides.

About the Author

Magdalena Kobus is a marketing specialist with 7+ years of background in sales and a knack for social media. Working with international clients in the art market industry led her to exploring digital tools that solve complexities of cross-border trade. As a content contributor for Webinterpret she investigates current challenges of the global ecommerce landscape.

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