What's in our guide?

What, where and how to sell online after Covid-19 & Brexit? What are top-selling items on eBay & other marketplaces?

The analysis of 158M products listed on international eBay sites helped us identify products and markets with the highest sales potential in the current reality.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • Top-selling items on marketplaces
  • Impact of Covid-19 & Brexit on ecommerce & sales in specific product categories 
  • Optimizing product listings to improve their visibility by up to 60%.

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What’s inside?

Unique data, facts, recommendations and expert advice on selling online after Covid-19 & Brexit. 

Top-selling items on marketplaces

Learn what sells best on eBay and Amazon & use our practical checklist to identify best-sellers on marketplaces.

Selling online after Covid-19

Use our unique data from 158M products listed on eBay to identify products and markets with the highest sales potential.

Product listing optimization

Learn what to optimize in product listings to increase their visibility by up to 60% (and sales by 20%).

Impact of Brexit on ecommerce

Lear how UK & EU online businesses have reacted to Brexit & what to expect in the future..

Expert quote from Jesús González-Rubio, AI Product Manager at Webinterpret
With the current competition on marketplaces, sellers must maximize their product visibility. Increasing the number of recommended attributes in product listings can increase visibility by up to 60% and sales by 20%.

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