What's in our guide?

  • What’s one of the simplest and fastest ways to grow your online store’s revenue? 
  • How can you receive thousands of orders from international online markets?

Answers to these questions are gold for many online sellers. So are practical tips on how to substantially grow international online sales.

For sure … standard translation is not enough to maximize conversion rates abroad. What you need is a solid localization strategy.

This guide, full of data and practical tips will show you how to translate and localize in a way that sells. A must-read for all international online sellers!

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What’s inside?

Deep insights into ecommerce translation & localization, including practical tips, unique data and expert advice.

Ecommerce localization

Learn about all aspects of preparing your online store for growing international sales. 

Humans vs. machines

Learn about human and machine translation to decide what will work best for your business.

International SEO & keywords

Learn how to make it easier for international buyers to find your products and optimize your store/listings accordingly.

Tips, tools & solutions

Read about practical tips and free tools that will help you internationalize your store and maximize your sales potential.

Expert quote
Patrick Smarzynski, CEO at Webinterpret
It is humans that have knowledge, do the thinking and design machines.
But it is machines thatare fast and more consistent.
Technology combined with the human touch isthe key to delivering consistent quality and producing amazing results.

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