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There will be 2.14 bn digital shoppers worldwide by 2021. By opening up to the international market, you present your products to literally hundreds of millions of new potential buyers.

Interestingly, you probably receive international traffic already and it probably converts at a much lower rate than your domestic traffic.

Check out our guide to expanding your ecommerce brand internationally. Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • how to reach international online buyers in the simplest & fastest way
  • which small optimizations can have a huge impact on your conversion rates
  • how to successfully localize your online store for global markets.

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What’s inside?

Solid background knowledge & practical recommendations about how to maximize your international sales potential.

International buyer acquisition

Learn how foreign buyers browse for products & how to drive international traffic to your ecommerce store.

Translation & localization

Learn about the key elements of optimal ecommerce translation and how to ensure successful ecommerce localization that brings sales.

Store compliance

Learn how to stay on top of the complex world of tariff codes, taxes & duties and international trade regulations.

Solution orientation

Learn about the tools & the most practical way to expand your brand globally. Stay cost-effective, customer-oriented and compliant.

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