What's in the ebook?

Selling or thinking of selling online in the UK? Our comprehensive report will help you do it right!

The UK marketplace has huge buying power. The potential is enormous, especially that UK ecommerce sites attract not only British but also international buyers.

In this report you will find ecommerce facts, figures and trends for the UK ecommerce market, including advice from our cross-border trade expert.

A must-read for all international online sellers!

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What’s inside?

Ecommerce facts, figures and trends for the UK ecommerce market.

Online buyer behavior

Learn how to win the demanding British buyer and make the most of the huge buying power in the UK.

Delivery & shipping

Learn how to deliver it right and get advice from our international shipping expert.

Cross-border shopping

Learn what British online buyers like to buy from abroad and their top online shopping destinations.

Payment methods, mobile commerce, Brexit …

… and much more to equip you with extensive knowledge about ecommerce in the UK!

Advice from our expert in international shipping
Adrien Salvat 
Leaving parcels in a safe place or at a neighbor’s place by carriers is common practice in the UK.
As an online seller, remember to stay on the safe side.

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