[Free webinar] Understanding the value of Promoted Listings with Webinterpret

When: 28 April | 4:00 pm CET / 10:00 am EST

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage with Promoted Listings directly from the experts themselves.
On 28 April, Noémie Colin (Product Manager) and Magdalena Barwińska (UX Design) are going to share their knowledge on how you can use Promoted Listings to increase your sales performance.

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Noémie Colin
Product Manager, Webinterpret

Noémie Colin is our Product Manager specializing in ecommerce advertising. She has been with Webinterpret since 2014. Her main passion is also computational linguistics, she graduated and had more than 10 years of expertise in machine translation and natural language processing techniques.

Magdalena Barwińska
UX Designer, Webinterpret

Magdalena Barwińska is Webinterpret’s UX Designer for Promoted Listings. She builds digital products to best meet the needs of Webinterpret users on a daily basis. She is fascinated by user experience and also works to constantly explore her knowledge in a myriad of topics.
Last but not least, we’ll be providing a special look at what is coming with Promoted Listings Advanced, and the opportunity to provide our team with your feedback. So don’t wait, register now!


Together, we will discuss:

  • How you can increase your global sales with eBay Promoted Listings
  • How you can track your results with the Webinterpret marketing dashboard
  • How to optimize your sales in the current reality,
  • The future of Promoted Listings for eBay

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