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the P&A eBay Program
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Boost your international sales with a 2 month free trial from Webinterpret
eBay has partnered with Webinterpret to promote your Parts & Accessories category items on up to 8 eBay marketplaces with optimized listings.
Clicking ACTIVATE NOW will launch your free trial and your international listings will go live within 24 hours. By activating the free trial, you accept Webinterpret's Terms and Conditions.

  Increased product visibility
Reach millions of buyers across 8 international marketplaces*
  Zero upkeep and maintenance
Real-time synchronization across international marketplaces
  Listings translated and localized
Provide an optimized customer experience by enabling buyers to shop in their local language and currency.
  No insertion fees
International Insertion Fees are free with Webinterpret***
  Automated international marketing
Promote your listings internationally with eBay Promoted Listings Standard**
*eBay United Kingdom, eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay Italy, eBay Spain, eBay Australia, eBay Ireland and eBay Canada.
**Promoted Listings Standard must be activated from your Webinterpret Dashboard after account activation.
***International Insertion Fees are free, other eBay fees still apply.



Your listings are localized, compliant, published and synchronized across multiple international marketplaces.


Get automated creation and management of profitable ad campaigns (Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced) across eligible international eBay marketplaces.

Checklist for international listing with Webinterpret

  Account creation
Launch your Webinterpret account to get started. Once you activate, your listings will go live within up to 24 hours.

  International shipping
Only listings with international shipping information (delivery method and price) are eligible for listing on eBay's international marketplaces. Please ensure shipping conditions for delivery have been filled in for all listings.

  Eligible listings
Only Fixed price listings are eligible for the promotion.

  Return policy
Your listings require a 30-day (minimum) return policy in order to go live in most EU marketplaces.

  Selling allowance
If you need to increase your eBay selling allowance, you can make a request directly from your eBay account.